project goals

Jeng-Diing ERP's users need to be able to access applications and data anywhere in the world from the "cloud". In other words, "Cloud" is a single point of access to all resources required by users, and end users can safely access data at any time.

The service content of Jeng-Diing ERP focuses on the electronic sales (4E) of small and medium-sized enterprises. It refers to the 4E strategy of E-communication, E-research, E-marketing and E-trade. 4E is not a replacement for the traditional business of small and medium-sized enterprises, but process reengineering and "new functions and new capabilities that cross the boundaries of traditional products, which have great opportunities for expansion." Enterprises must implement and implement step by step and layer by layer according to their own operating characteristics. application.

Technology I Used

  • MVC
  • SQL Server
  • Java Script
  • SAP
  • Power Builder

project results

Here is the some overview of Application.

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portfolio item photo
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